Disney is not the only company profiting from Star Wars. GameLink, an adult film making company's "Star Wars XXX" has seen a 500% increase in DVD sales since beginning of November.

The film is a pornographic parody of the Star Wars series and has been made with "the highest budget ever" for an adult film. However, GameLink has been mum about the budget or the sales.

"The spike in sales for the parody is representative of a much larger trend of brand-specific merchandise for Star Wars, which shows the strong bond fans have with the movies," GameLink executive Jeff Dillon told Mashable. "We began noticing a gradual increase in sales of the title at the beginning of November, but it wasn't until the past two weeks that purchases of 'Star Wars XXX' really skyrocketed."

The film which reiterates itself as a spoof or parody, is steering clear of legal issues from LucasFilm and Disney. George Lucas is known for being against Star Wars porn-related spinoffs sending legal notices to fan magazines in 1980s for publishing pornographic fiction.

Other Star Wars related adult films have also cropped up with titles like "Sex Wars", "Porn Wars"and "Star Whoresas the first amendment to the US Constitution prohibits curtailment of free speech.

The adult film-making company also released the names of cities where the film "Star Wars XXX" was popular. San Francisco topped the list followed by Little Rock, Arkansas; New York; Tampa, Florida; Chicago; Columbus, Ohio; Montreal; Toronto; Austin and Oklahoma City, reports Mashable.