Dot Marie Jones
Cast member Dot Marie Jones attends the the 100th episode celebration of Glee in West Hollywood, California March 18, 2014.Reuters

A fan-favourite female character from a popular television series is going to get a gender reassignment surgery done and speculations are rife that the character could be from the medical drama, "Grey's Anatomy", or the musical comedy-drama, "Glee."

This beloved character, according to E!News, has been part of the show for a few seasons, and has even dated men. But the new twist will be "very emotional" and will be handled delicately and respectfully, insiders told the outlet.

E!News had initially listed 15 shows that were initially expected to feature the female-to-male transition, and as of Tuesday, four shows such as "Orange Is The New Black", "The Walking Dead", "Parks and Recreation" and "House of Cards" has been ruled out.

The other shows on the list include "Scandal," "Grey's Anatomy", "Revenge", "Once Upon a Time", "Glee", "Girls," "Parenthood", "Mindy Project", "How to Get Away With Murder", "Nashville" and "Pretty Little Liars."

But "How to Get Away With Murder" can also be removed from the list as the legal drama is currently airing its first season, and according to E!News, the character who is undergoing gender transformation has been on the show for a few seasons.

Readers, meanwhile, have their bets placed on either Callie from "Grey's Anatomy," or Coach Beiste from "Glee" as ideal characters for gender reassignment surgery.

"Well, the only thing that would be more distasteful and out of character than Blaine dating Kurt's bully would be Bieste, who always took pride in identifying as female and defying gender stereotypes, suddenly deciding she identifies as male. So of course it's Glee," wrote a reader on E!News comment section.

While another one noted: "I think it's Callie on Grey's Anatomy. She's going through some things and trying to "find herself" so I think it's plausible."

Interestingly, the news of this female-to-male transition on a mainstream television show comes on the heels of the success of casting Laverne Cox on "Orange Is the New Black." Cox, who plays Sophia Burset on the show, is also the first transgender actor to be nominated for an Emmy.