Parakram SJB Rana
Parakram SJB RanaPR Handout

Fashion blogger and celebrity stylist, Parakram SJB Rana is not new to the fashion world. Working in Mumbai as a celebrity stylist since 2015, and then successfully venturing into Fashion & Lifestyle blogging from 2017,  has made him understand how to dress up practically, yet fashionably during different seasons.

His blog has an array of different fashion looks for men. On asking him about how he dresses up during the summers on a daily basis, he says "As much as I would have loved to always wear a vest with my shorts, I try to team my shorts with a basic t-shirt. Wearing a vest is exposing too much skin to the harsh UV rays from the sun. As much sunblock you put, the harmful rays still find a way to seep in. Hence a tee with shorts and my flip flops paired with my shoulder bag is my ideal everyday go to look. But I wear jeans with sneakers along with a light-colored t-shirt if I have to head out for an event or meeting."

With the onset of monsoons, we ask Parakram the one fashion item that is a must buy, "Gum Boots are the best thing you can order online to save yourself from getting your feet wet and dirty during the monsoons. There is nothing worse than to have mud and dirty water seep into your shoes, socks and trousers. With slip-ons or floaters as well, there is too much direct contact with your skin. So, you will most certainly thank me for suggesting you to invest on a good pair of Gum Boots this Monsoons."

On some of the fashion essentials that are truly versatile through every season and are a must have for everyone, he says " White Sneakers, Black/Brown Sunglasses that suit the structure of your face and a sturdy pair of denim jeans that fit well and last a lifetime are definitely versatile for every season throughout the globe."