Shiamak Davar
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Bollywood's popular choreographer Shiamak Davar has been accused of sexually abusing two of his former students, Jimmy Mistry and Percy Shroff, from North Vancouver, who were a part of Shiamak Davar Institute of Performing Arts in India as teenagers.

While Davar has reportedly denied charges, Mistry's notice of Civil Claim extensively describes the dance master's sexual advances towards them.

He further elaborated that Davar took a shower in front of him while cracking vulgar jokes. In one of their trips, he apparently forcefully kissed another boy while the latter resisted.

To add to the drama, Davar was also very possessive of Mistry and would get jealous if he ever went out with his friends.

"When the Plaintiff began going out with Ira, a female dancer in the Defendant's dance company, and she became his girlfriend the Defendant would often tell her 'Jimmy loves me more than you',"

The Defendant would also frequently say things to the Plaintiff like "You know I am number one in your life and then comes your girlfriend," read the claim.

In his defence, Davar said he never had inappropriate sexual relationships with any of them adding that he has faith his name will be cleared.

"I have total faith in the justice system of British Columbia that my name shall be cleared on all accounts," he said.