Thousands of Catholic worshippers gathered in the Kenyan capital in spite of rainy conditions to attend a mass by Pope Francis on 26 November. Pope Francis waved towards the gathered crowds as he was driven past them on his popemobile on the way to the dais. The pontiff played down security fears about his trip, joking that he was more worried about the mosquitoes.

In a meeting with religious leaders earlier, the Pope urged for dialogue between religions in Africa and said it was vital to teach young people violence and hate in Gods name is unjustified.

Bridging divisions between Muslims and Christians is a main theme of the Popes first tour of the continent that takes him to Uganda, which like Kenya has been victim of Islamist attacks, and the Central African Republic, riven by sectarian conflict.

He referred to several attacks carried out by Somalias al Shabaab Islamists in Kenya in the past two years, including the 2013 assault on Nairobis Westgate shopping mall and this years attack on Garissa university. Scores of people have been killed.