Pope Francis
Newly elected Pope Francis, Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio of Argentina's cape blows in wind as he leaves after praying at basilica in RomeReuters

The Vatican has chosen Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio, a former archbishop of Buenos Aires, as its new pope.


Francis I is the papal name chosen by Cardinal Bergoglio. The name is taken after Saint Francis of Assisi of the 13th century.

The papal conclave on its second day signalled its decision on the new pope by sending out white smoke from the Sistine Chapel's chimney.

After his election, the 76-year-old pope greeted thousands who were gathered in St Peter's Basilica.

He waved to the faithful from the balcony and thanked them at St Peter's square for welcoming him.

The new pope will be taking over as the religious head after Pope Benedict XVI resigned last month.

Cardinals from all over the world had gathered for the papal conclave in the election of the nextx pope. A total of 115 cardinals assembled in Sistine Chapel.

The 266th pontiff is the first pope to be born outside Europe in 1,300 years.

Here's a look at Vatican's new head, in pictures. Click here to begin the slideshow.