In these trying times of coronavirus outbreak around the world, OTT apps have proven to be quite effective in keeping those home quarantine boredoms at bay. But not everyone has the luxury of buying subscriptions for services like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and the rest, hence missing out on the exciting TV shows and movies shown on respective platforms. But there's always a way, albeit an illegal one.

The practice of downloading and watching TV shows and movies illegally is a practice that has massively gone down after most governments and ISPs have blocked websites that facilitate it. Only a handful sites are still in operation, but most major ones such as Kickass Torrents, IsoHunt, YTS, Torrentz and EZTV. This has forced users to take the legal route by subscribing to OTT apps for media consumption.

Popcorn Time is back

One of the favourite platforms to stream movies and TV shows without having to pay for, Popcorn Time is back from the dead. The site doesn't charge its users anything to offer them the latest content, including ones that haven't been offered on popular apps like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video and some movies that are still in theatres. This practice is what got the site suspended, but it looks like Popcorn Time has found a way around.

Popcorn Time is back
Popcorn Time is backTwitter

In a brief tweet, Popcorn Time announced its return and said: "Love in the Time of Corona Version 0.4 is out!" The tweet includes a link to the site, which allows users to download Popcorn Time client for iOS, Android, Mac and Windows.

Popcorn Time's simplified pirating process is what earned the platform great reception back in the day. The site has been shut down many times, giving rise to several clones over the years. But what is here now is the real deal (not that we are recommending piracy or in any way promoting it).

Popcorn Time is offering some fresh content like Manivannan Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, Jumanji: The Next Level, 1917, Frozen 2 and Contagion besides a bunch of TV shows, CultofMac reported.

Coronavirus lockdown

Coronavirus Creatives lockdown
Coronavirus lockdown

Popcorn Time, also known as "Netflix for piracy," comes at a time when people are either in self-isolation, quarantine or staying indoors to avoid the spread of coronavirus. While people are working from home and staying at home, there's a lot of time in hand to do more than usual. One of the biggest saviours is watching the news and catching up on favourite movies and TV shows.

Popcorn Time's arrival at these trying times is not a coincidence and some might even find it useful.