Director Duniya Soori's movies are dark and portray the life and lifestyle of lower strata of society. His characters are not sophisticated, but unique so as the name of the lead actors. Rowdyism and bloodshed, usually, the main ingredients of his films.

Now, once again the ace director is back with a similar kind of subject. He has roped in Dhananjaya, who got a career-changing role in his earlier movie Tagaru, to play the lead role in his latest venture, Popcorn Monkey Tiger. Nivedita (Smitha) and Amrutha Iyengar are the female leads in the Kannada flick.

Popcorn Monkey Tiger review
Dhananjaya's Popcorn Monkey Tiger.PR Handout

Sapthami, Sudhi, Naveen, Sparsha Rekha and others are part of the cast. The film has Charan Raj's music, Shekhar S's cinematography and Deepu S Kumar's editing in Popcorn Monkey Tiger, which is produced by Sudhir KM.

Story and Analysis:
The story of Popcorn Monkey Tiger is about two characters Monkey Seena (Dhananjaya) and Popcorn Devi (Nivedita) experiencing crime in different phases of life by meeting different people, who may make them realize human values and emotions or not.

Suri, once again, takes to the world of rowdyism, but surprises you with the neatly-packed varied emotions. Initially, Dhananjaya's character has the shades of Daali (from Tagaru), but showcases his talent in the later part of the movie. Niveditha steals the show with a powerful performance. As always, cinematography and music have elevated the quality of the film. 


Duniya Soori's movies always have a market. There is a big fan base among the audience who love mass films. With the director teaming up with Dhananjaya, the expectations have only doubled. Not to forget. The posters and teaser have only make the cine-goers to keep high expectations from the movie.

Will it live up to the expectations? Check it out in the viewers' words below:

Nagendra Aithal G: Overall typical sukka Suri stuff... He will take us to his own world with his typical story telling...
@Dhananjayaka once again proved why he is awesome when it comes to villainish character... Waiting for Kaage Bangara now....
#popcornmonkeytiger #PMT

Shashiprasad S M: #PopcornMonkeyTigerINTERVAL
SO FAR.. A poem on the screen penned with #blood #tears #pain infused with realism
@Dhananjayaka Take a bow Person bowing deeply

ಆಪತ್ತಿಗೆ ಬಾಂಧವ: #PopcornMonkeyTiger Suri is making like one of the franchise movie #Kendasampige.This is one of the part of #Kendasampige franchise.Suri you rocked in movie-making.Clever http://screenplay.It is as same as #Tagaru.

S Shyam Prasad: At INTERVAL What an experience this is turning out to be! Convergence of characters from Suri's cinematic universe. This is not a film.

Chandan: First half 4/5
Second half (can't say)
Heavy cuts in second half ...many might not like with so much cuts
Yavdunu thumba madudre adu chanagirala #suri sir
But it's a different kind of movie
Pakka sukka Suri movie
@DhananjayFans #PopcornMonkeyTiger Interval.
Blood, Liquor, Crime, Love Break Up, Crazy Characters..Typical Suri Stuff..
Expecting a lot in the second half..
@Dhananjayaka is Terrific

Sharaschandra: Level Next Performance @Dhananjayaka feel like a god damn king now!
#PopcornMonkeyTiger must experience the new crime thriller drama --- #pmt
Good luck

H Mahesha: #PopcornMonkeyTiger review - first half is Like A on The Rock scotch whiskeyTumbler glassTumbler glassTumbler glass with Andra style chilly Chiken ,Pot of foodPoultry leg king cigarette Smoking symbol . Second half is like a drunken driver met an accident , he is in coma. Rating : Glowing star Glowing star Glowing star 1/2 @Dhananjayaka
Ppl not coming to watch Kannada films - when I see this crowd at 7 am show for watching #PopcornMonkeyTiger today , felt that ppl are there to watch his kind of films only. Director Suri has crowd pulling capacity For 7 Am show is not a false statements at all !!!

NAMCINEMA: #popcornmonkeytiger is another bold & eccentric offering from Soori. Content is Intense, raw and unbelievably honest. This is a very personal story of attitude and suffering, aided by beautiful cinematography & terrific BG score. #NamCinema Rating 3.5/5 MUST WATCH FOR SURI FANS
#Popcornmonkeytiger interval - giving a "sukka" kick to the mind with every single frame . Suri absorbs you into his world and makes you relish each scene like it's a "raw"ishing meal. Interval makes you feel eager and restless to watch what's in store for 2nd half..#namcinema

Goodman: #PopcornMonkeyTiger - Interval - Soori is making us crazy again after tagaru. Simply Ecstatic. Many shots by soori makes you mad.
#PopcornmonkeyTiger - Watch if for a very wierd experience of sooris duniya.Second half is over done and over experimental... 4/5

KFI TALKS: #PopcornMonkeyTiger - Done
Purely Suri stuff. More raw and brutal than all his previews ventures. Strictly for mass audience.

SHREYAS ಕನ್ನಡಿಗ: #popcornmonkeytiger is another mad entertainer from the genius Soori . A fantastic movie . Go watch this soon .
@Dhananjayaka delivers another rocking performance. This is a cult classic