Shatrughan Sinha, Reena Roy, Poonam Sinha

A heart wants what it wants. And the love triangle between Poonam Sinha – Shatrughan Sinha and Reena Roy, stands true to the adage. Back in the 1970s, one off-screen love story that was creating ripples in the industry was that of Shatrughan Sinha and Reena Roy. Even when Shatrughan Sinha tied-the-knot with Poonam Sinha, the closeness between Reena and Shatrughan kept making the news.

While many believed that Shatrughan Sinha would part ways with 11 years younger Reena Roy, nothing of that sort happened. Along with the media and the industry, Reena Roy's mother too got a whiff of the matter. And while many mothers would have asked their daughters to back-off from playing the 'other woman' in real-life, Reena's mother wanted Shatrughan Sinha to tie the knot with her daughter since she was so smitten by the superstar.

Poonam Sinha too didn't escape the wrath of their relationship but decided to keep up with it for the sake of her children. Poonam Sinha had once said to a magazine, "The truth is that I did step aside and gave Reena a clear field, but Shatru didn't want to marry a girl whose fidelity was in doubt. I was aware that they revived their old romance after our marriage," reports Indiatimes.

Heart-broken, Reena Roy decided to settle down with cricketer Mohsin Khan. Reena left the industry at the peak-of-her-career and went with him to England. The couple kept moving from England to Pakistan. Mohsin too featured in a number of films but, Reena took a backseat from showbiz to focus on her daughter's well-being. However, soon, Reena Roy realised that they were two extremely opposite individuals and moved back to the country.

"At one point, I called my mom from London and asked her, 'What is the meaning of marriage?' She just said, 'Nibha le. Shaadi means nibhana'. I listened to her otherwise I think I would have come back way earlier," Reena Roy told a tabloid, as per a report in bridalbox.