Popular model and Kingfisher Calendar girl of the year Poonam Pandey had promised to be available 24/7 on her website but it seems her hot videos have been giving her hard time off late. Her site crashes very often due to too much traffic.

Poonam Pandey
Poonam Pandey

"My site has been not working like since 5 or 6 days.  The problem is that I put the video on my channel and it happened like all my fans come to the site in bulk. My website always crashes because of too much traffic. That is why it's again under process and I'm planning to dedicate a server for my website. It's a problem but I'm also happy that so many people are coming (to my website)", she told IBTimes.  

Asked about the nature of the videos that caused her site frequent crash, she told IBTimes that it was the "Bathroom Secrets" and the "Mirror Act".

"The first video I put on my website was my "Bathroom Secrets", where they (fans) can see me while showering. And another video was the "Mirror Act". Basically it's all about my "bedroom secrets". It (videos) got lots of clicks and I earned good revenue from it," she said.

The bold and beautiful model said that she is planning to go live 24/7 on her channel because nobody had thought of something like that in India.

"I love to do things that are not done by anybody before. By going live 24/7 on website, they (fans) can come and visit me wherever they are. I believe internet is a big platform; rather an industry...quite big," she said.