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May be fortune favors her or she knows the shortcut to success. Poonam Pandey, the Kingfisher Calendar Girl of 2011, hit the headlines earlier this year by promising to strip naked if India wins Cricket World Cup. She continued to throw surprises at regular intervals by sharing her hot photos and videos on social networking sites and her website. And according to Google's annual statics zeitgeist 2011, she is one of the 'Fastest Rising People' in India. Speaking exclusively to the IBTimes, she talks about her film aspiration, her hot videos and lot more. Here are excerpts of her interview:

According to Google's annual statics zeitgeist 2011, you are one of the 'Fastest Rising People' in India, second only to social activist Anna Hazare. How does it feel beating all the big Indian celebrities?
Well of course I'm happy; anybody in my place will feel happy. It's an honor for me to be among them.

So are you ready to act in Indian films?
Yes course. But I am looking forward to something that nobody has done yet. I am choosy.

Have you received any film offer from Indian filmmakers so far?
I have got many film offers in Bollywood but I have rejected many of them because I personally believe that I should do something big and the best part is I know how to make it big. So I know very soon I'll get something big.

Are you game for striping scenes in films?
I'm looking forward to do something that others have not yet done in Indian cinema.

Is it true that you have signed a contract with an American company for a Strip Poker Game?
Yes it is true. And everyone will play the game in next 2 or 3 months because it is already in process.

Will you go nude in the Strip Poker Game?
Yes I will (go nude) but the stage will be too difficult for people (to complete). As far as I know about the concept, it will be like one has to go from first level to second, and then to third and so on. The last stage will be too difficult.

How did your parents react to all the hype and controversies around you?
They (my parents) reacted. But somehow things are fine between us now. I don't call it a controversy. It's like here in India that's how people's mentality is. If people die or something like that happen, no one will bother, but when somebody says something, they react. That's how hype is created.

Anything exciting in the offing for your fans around the world?
There many good things. Well I am known for making something really big. They (people) know me as a controversial person...and everyone says that. I'm a bold person and I really don't care what people think and I only think what I do.