Model and actress Poonam Pandey is in news once again as pregnancy and abortion rumours have been rife. However, the controversy queen has denied the rumours and lashed out at the "fake news".

Poonam took to Twitter and said that she would take legal action against the website that reported the "fake news". The "Nasha" actress expressed her ire and said: "Outraging my modesty, how can one be so irresponsible common guys can't u double check before filing any crap hitting one below the belt."

She also asked the media to cross-check facts before publishing such stories. "I would request media not to blindly copy paste false news running over. Rather cross check and then publish with facts," she tweeted.

Earlier, reported that Poonam Pandey was pregnant and was admitted to the Hinduja hospital in Mumbai on 18 January for abortion. The report also added that the 24-year-old actress was seen visiting the same hospital frequently in the recent past, adding that the day she got admitted, she was not accompanied by anyone. 

Meanwhile, this is not the first time Poonam had made headlines. She created a big controversy during 2011 Cricket World Cup, when she declared that if Team India wins the World Cup, she would strip in front of everyone. This statement received a lot of flak. Although Team India won the World Cup, Poonam did not strip as BCCI reportedly did not permit her to do so.