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The music of "Poojai", which was launched on 2 October has opened to mixed reviews from the critics.

"Poojai" is written and directed by Hari. The film has a huge star cast including Vishal, Shruthi Haasan, Sathyaraj, Soori, Jayaprakash, Prathap Pothen, Manobala and Radhika Sarathkumar.

The music of "Poojai" is composed by Yuvan Shankar Raja and the lyrics are penned by Na Muthukumar. The film has six songs anad are sung by Yuvan Shankar Raja, Palakkad Sriram, Mili Nair, Rahul Nambiar, Karthik, Pooja, Anthony Dasan, Sathyan, Yazin and Nivas.

"Poojai" is produced by Vishal under the banner of Vishal Film Factory.

Here are the reviews of "Poojai" music by various critics

"Odi Odi" - Singer: Palakkad Sriram

"An aggressive solo with powerful percussions, string section and paced up interludes. The track has a philosophical feel transforming to an optimistic atmosphere in terms of the progression." – Behindwoods.com

"A loud track, which will be used to build up Vishal's image in the movie. Supposedly inspirational, but disinteresting on the whole." – Cinemalead.com

"This song has philosophical feel lyrics. The track is used to build up Vishal's image in the movie. Lyrics are inspirational and good to hear." – Iluvcinema.in

"Ippadiye" - Singers: Mili Nair, Rahul Nambiar

"It is time for a fusion number with the blend of folk and electronica in right proportions. The composition has an instantly likeability factor with simple orchestration and wonderful chord progression as well." – Behindwoods.com

"Yuvan has the knack of usually bringing in an interesting high point in some of his songs. Yes, he does that here in this light kuthu track, where the lively vocals of Rahul Nambiar and Mili do aid on." – Cinemalead.com

"The song is composed with simple orchestration and wonderful chord progression as well. The lyrics contains high flavor of classicism." – Iluvcinema.in

"Veerarum" - Singers: Karthik, Pooja

"A feel-good duet with breezy vocals by sweet sounding Karthik. The orchestration creates a feel good ambience with indigenous percussions, fluid bass work and lovely interludes." – Behindwoods.com

"Yuvan uses a simple ethnic tune for this one, which has Karthik's voice as the pillar. A pedestrian track which has nothing special about it." – Cinemalead.in

"This duet song contains breezy vocals and the vocals of Karthik attract the music lovers. This song is one of the chartbuster songs in this film. The vibrant beats and background score gives a youthful experience when in love and makes you fly on cloud nine." – Iluvcinema.in

"Uyire" - Singer: Yuvan Shankar Raja

"A melancholic number is delivered by the composer Yuvan's earthly voice and he single handedly takes the track forward. Though the rhythm is laid back, it creates the much needed impact on the listener. The interludes are mildly woven over string section and neat bass work." –Behindwoods.com

"Yuvan's solo track, sung in pathos. The orchestration is pretty mainstream, but Yuvan's vocals the lyrics do make this one count a bit" – Cinemalead.com

"This song was sung by Yuvan Shankar Raja and usage of bagpipe, synthesizers by Yuvan is terrific. It is definitely chartbuster of the album and you will connect to it constantly." –Iluvcinema.in

"Soda Bottle" – Singers: Yazin, Anthony Dasan and Sathyan

"The typical groovy Yuvan's style is unleashed with this track supported well by raw vocals of Anthony Dassan and smooth voice of Yazin. The rhythm is laid back, and timely usage of electronic guitar riffs does the needed job." – Behindwoods.com

"All of Hari's films possess an intro song for the hero, and this is the one in Poojai. That's about it." – Cinemalea.com

"This song is sung by Anthony and Sathyam and Yazin. It is an average track with usual techno sounds and goes well with the film. But more effort could have enabled it in composing far better." – Iluvcinema.in

"Devathai" – Singer : Nivas

"A power packed number with punchy rhythm, stylish vocals and masterful interludes. The typical Yuvan's flavor is evident throughout the composition with trendiness intermixed with melody." – Behindwoods.com

"Though the tune is similar to Azhago Azhagu from Samar, Yuvan churns out a highly listenable number here. The whistle bits, rock guitar stints and the female chorus are lovable additions to the instrumentations, topped with Nivas' charming vocals. Finally a song with a potential to climb the charts." – Cinemalead.com

"This song contains a power packed number with punchy rhythm, stylish vocals. Nivas's energetic voice makes us to dance. Template beats of drums and pop based breeziness works for a while. The vocals are strong with full energy and will be a treat to Vishal's fans." – Iluvcinema.com