Pooja Mittal
Pooja MittalPR Handout

Every third person with access to an internet connection wants to hop on the bandwagon of what has, in recent times, become an online trend – blogging. On whichever app you choose to scroll, there will definitely be folks who display aesthetically pleasing pictures of lotion and foundation bottles, lipsticks, watches on their hands, and of course, carefully careless snaps in which they are "casually" dressed.

If you DM them asking if they want to be bloggers, they will probably say, "Not really! I do it for fun... there's no proper career in blogging!" But if you want the truth, their over-descriptive photo captions let the cat out of the bag. From crediting brands to locations--there will be a mention of every aspect of the picture that could possibly be monetized, clearly screaming "I also want to be an influencer!" This is what fashion blogger Pooja Mittal believes.

Pooja shared her journey with us. Here are the answers to all the burning questions that you have always had.

When did you realise you want to be a blogger?

It happened quite organically. I was always someone who loved clicking good pictures and I loved experimenting with fashion. It's been about three years now.

What is the kind of content you strive towards creating?

My page is a place where I exhibit my personal style and liking in fashion, and I try to reach out to all those people who relate to it and have similar sensibilities. I always focus on being true to who I am, so I promote things I genuinely enjoy.

What is your take on the blogging space in India right now? Is it a good decision to choose blogging as a full-fledged career?

It's amazing, actually! People in India are still figuring out what this is and are still warming up to the concept of blogging, which enables us to play around with stuff even more. We're living in a digital world right now, so there's a lot of scope here. The key is to be relatable to the real girls out there. So just be patient, because careers don't take off overnight.

If you could give a message to all those people who aspire to follow in your footsteps, what would it be?

I would just like to tell everyone to recognise what it is that you enjoy doing and to give that a shot. We have one life and it's important to sometimes take a risk and try something. If you don't give yourself a chance, you will never know what awaits on the other side.