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A leaked video showing actress Pooja Mishra (also spelled as Misrra) assaulting an employee of a leading five-star hotel in the national capital after he asked her to pay the bills has gone viral on the internet. She, however, dubbed it as a publicity stunt by the hotel.

In the leaked video, Pooja Mishra is seen walking out of the hotel in Delhi's Dwarka township. A hotel staff member then tells her that she could not walk out without paying her bills. That irks Mishra and she shouts: "I will leave the hotel. I will do what the f*** I want. Who are you? You are same man, who touched me."

In a fit of anger, Pooja Mishra snatches mobile phone from the staffer who was recording the incident and smashes it on the ground and says, "You touched me and my bag inside the hotel. I will break your phone and I will break your face after that. Don't mess with me."

She then shouts at a security guard who was dragging her trolley bag inside the hotel. She can be seen slapping the staffer and hitting him on the head as he tries to get hold of her bag. She also abuses him. The leaked video has been viewed nearly 80,000 times on YouTube and around 2.25 lakh times on Facebook. It has also gone viral on other social media platforms.

However, Pooja Mishra later denied the employee's claims that she was running away from the hotel without clearing her dues. In response to the reports and the video, she posted a picture of an FIR, purportedly filed following the incident, on her Facebook page on 12 September. In a lengthy post she also wrote her side of the story.

In her comment, Pooja Mishra names a businessman saying who had invited her for a celebrity appearance in Delhi. He had booked a room for her in the five-star hotel. She finished the event and checked out. In July, when she visited the same hotel again and booked a room at her own cost, she was allegedly "tortured by the staff" during her stay.

She decided to check out of the hotel after a staff member called her and allegedly made a threat to her life. She claims that she made the full payment, but the hotel staff got greedy and started demanding money for the booking made previously by the businessman's company.

The actress says that the incident took place in July and an FIR was registered with the police, who are aware of her payment receipt. She wonders how the video got leaked about a month after the incident. She adds that she plans to sue the media houses who covered the leaked video. Here is her Facebook post:

So i just finished my 12 hour shoot and finally got time to answer the innumerable whats app msgs,smses,fb msgs.There...

Posted by Pooja Misrra on Saturday, September 12, 2015