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'Poltergeist' posterPress Release

"Poltergeist", scheduled to release on 22 May, is a re-imagination of the 1982 cult film that focused on one family whose suburban home was haunted by evil forces. The contemporary counterpart, presented by Fox 2000 Pictures and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Pictures, is directed by Gil Kenan of the "Monster House" fame, and produced by Sam Raimi of the "Evil Dead" and "The Grudge" fame.

"Poltergeist" narrates the supernatural experiences of an average family, like yours and mine, and reminds us that evil is always lurking around the corner, even in your house.

A key that went missing, although you swear you kept it on the counter-top, the mysterious marks on your body that you just cannot explain and that very distinct odour that fills up your nostrils every time you enter your home? It could be "Poltergeist" activity. The 2015 "Poltergeist" movie will hit theatres on Friday, 22 May, but if you want to know about the basics of haunted houses read ahead:

Disappearing objects

You swear to have put the keys or your cell phone in the regular spot, but you turn for a minute and it is gone. A thorough searching of the entire house does not bring it back, but lo and behold, when you are least expecting it, you see it again, at a bizarre spot like a high shelf or the freezer; places you would never put them in.

Weird odour

You sniff very distinct smells like that of a rich cigar, although no one in your house smokes; a haunting wild flower, or ever sulphur. You can however, rule out the unholy smell of a two-day old garbage from this list.

Levitating objects

While enjoying an intense game of football or the finale of "The Bachelorette", you notice the bowl of popcorn rise from the coffee table from the corner of your eye, before falling down with a loud clash. Book and cutlery falling off shelves, especially when someone loudly slams the door, could also be a sign of poltergeist activity.

Mysterious body marks

You wake up in the morning with no recollection of how you got to bed last night, or what caused the thumping headache. The last thing you remember is getting drunk; but no one seems to know how that weird red mark appeared on your torso.

Electrical interference

Electronic objects in your house, including the TV, the music player, and even your phones are flickering on and off, although nobody is touching them. When that particular somebody walks in with a scowl on his or her face, you know the electricity is going to fluctuate.

Knocks, footsteps and other noises

You know for a fact that there is not a single living soul at home, but you can hear the incessant banging and hitting. The rattling sounds are enough to wake the whole neighbourhood, but no one hears it, but you.

Still not sure if you house is haunted? Watch the 2015 "Poltergeist" movie to learn more about haunted houses.