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Famous Kannada actress Ramya, who is also a Member of Parliament, is reportedly thinking of quitting acting in films from April 2014. Word has it that her upcoming film titled "Aryan" will be her last film, as politics is keeping her away from the industry. 

The 31-year-old, who started her career in the film industry in her early 20s shot to fame quickly. She has had a successful film career in the Kannada industry, which she entered in 2003. In 2011, Ramya joined the Youth Congress and became a Member of Parliament in 2013. She believes that not many get such an opportunity and therefore she decided to commit to her priorities.

'Not many artistes get such a chance. I joined politics and became a Member of Parliament when I was at the peak of my career. If I had joined politics in a later stage, I could have afford to act in sister or mother roles. But I joined politics when I was a heroine. I still can't act as a heroine because it takes a lot of time, which I can't afford," she told Chitraloka.com.

However, she did not say that she is quitting her acting career forever. She may return to the industry later on. "Right now I am busy with politics and can't make myself free from 40-45 days. If I do that, then it will definitely be a problem for the producers. So, I may not act as a heroine for some days," Ramya added. 

Ramya, who has acted in over 40 films, was often referred to as the 'Golden Girl of Kannada Cinema' and 'Sandalwood Queen' by her fans. She is currently shooting for "Aryan" in which she stars alongside Kannada star Shivarajkumar. The shooting for the movie had been put on hold, as its director D. Rajendra Babu passed away suddenly. The director's role has now been taken over by Chi Guru Dutt and the filming has resumed. The release date for this sports drama film has not been announced yet.