A tiny terrier from Poland, Meysi, who is hardly taller than a nail polish bottle with just 3.25 ounces, could be the world's smallest puppy.

Anna Pohl, Meysi's owner from Jarocin, Poland, wants to get her puppy enter the Guinness World Records book as the smallest living dog. However, she has to wait for few more months to make the record official as Meysi is just three months old.

According to Guinness Book of World Records, dogs should be at least one-year-old before being measured for a world record.

Pohl is more concerned about Meysi's survival rather than claiming a world record.

Pohl told a local newspaper that "she didn't think her dog would make it and that it took all of her strength to keep Meysi going.

About three months ago, the puppy weighed only 1.58 ounces and was about 2 inches long at birth and required 24-hour care. "The worst was the first six weeks," Pohl told Gazeta Jarocinska.

Pohl had to feed Meysi day and night for every half an hour from a syringe before the tiny puppy put on some weight.

"The worst part was the first 6 weeks. Zero sleep, fed her day and night, every half hour. (...) Sometimes I did not have the strength; I had to even stay professional," she told the newspaper.

But after three months of constant feeding the puppy is in great health. According to veterinarians, Meysi is not expected to get much bigger than her current weight and height.

"Her sister is three times her size. She eats on her own now... but she's too small to bathe... She eats Gerber baby food on her own. You can tell by her round belly that she's got a good appetite," New York Daily news quoted Pohl as saying.

"I have to keep Meysi in a cage when I'm not around because I'm afraid she'll get stepped on," she added.

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