Since Sushant Singh Rajput passed away, his death has gripped the country. The actor's passing awoke a sense of responsibility in the public who believed there was more to it, demanding justice for his death and to take to task those who drove Sushant Singh Rajput to the edge. 

A few days ago an investigation was launched into assessing the actor's death and what caused Sushant's suicide. The Police have recorded statements of those close to the actor and who was named in the debate over Sushant's drastic step. Now, the Police are also investigating the angle that Sushant's Twitter posts were deleted, the Police said they will be writing to the platform over the matter, a report has emerged.

Sushant Singh Rajput

Police to write to Twitter over Sushant's suspected deleted posts 

Sushant Singh Rajput's death shocked the nation. Following his death, however, pandemonium broke loose over what drove the actor to the extreme end of taking his own life. Nepotism has emerged as one of the toxic institutions in Bollywood that need to be reprimanded called netizens, to the end that it has caused a breeding ground for injustices against those considered 'outsiders'.

Bullying in Bollywood has become a cause for outrage in the industry. Many actors have also been hoping for a change in Bollywood's outlook. What's more, a full-scale investigation was launched into Sushant's death. In the investigation, the statements of those close to him including his contacts have been recorded like Rhea Chakraborty's. The result of the actor's post-mortem also reveals that he died by Asphyxia due to hanging and no foul play was detected.

Now, the police is also looking into the suspicion over Sushant's deleted posts on Twitter. The Police has approached Twitter over the actor's posts from the last six months. The Police suspect the posts were deleted since there are no posts since December 27th, 2019. The Police might send a letter to the platform hoping to monitor the actor's activity on the site for the past few months before his death.