Justin Bieber's close pal Lil Za was on Tuesday arrested for drug possession, when nearly a dozen Los Angeles cops raided the Canadian pop star's Calabasas home as part of an ongoing investigation into an alleged egg attack on a neighbor's home.

Za, real name Xavier Smith, has been staying at Bieber's home for months, and is considered a bad influence on the singer. Soon after his arrest, Za was taken to the county jail and his bail has been set at around $75,000.

According to reports, the drug, which was initially suspected to be cocaine, is a pure form of ecstasy popularly known as Molly, and was found in "plain view" along with prescription drug Xanax.

The 19-year-old "Baby" singer was "not connected" to the drugs, the Daily Mail quoted officials as saying, but added that Bieber has not been exonerated in the egg-throwing incident.

And, if music producer Maejor Ali's tweet is to be believed, guns were drawn before police entered Bieber's home.

"Thousands of tax payers' dollars were just wasted by sending 12 armed officers with guns drawn in Justin Bieber's home to search for eggs," Ali tweeted. "Meanwhile people in Urban communities have a hard time getting ONE officer to come out for DANGEROUS crimes ..So many unsolved murders/rapes."

L.A. County Sheriff's Department said in a press statement cited by the media that the purpose of the raid was to seek evidence in the egging incident that took place on Thursday.

A footage of the incident, which has since gone viral, shows the homeowner shouting at Bieber, who pelted his home with eggs.

"I can f***ing see you! What the hell are you doing?" the neighbor is heard screaming at the singer. A voice, believed to be Bieber's, replies, "F**k you! I got another one for you, actually,"  before retreating into his house.

The vandalism damage is estimated to be approximately $20,000.

"The houses in that neighborhood are of a quality that any damage is going to be extensive. So they had some imported wood and brick and that was significantly damaged," L.A. County Sheriff's Department spokesman Steve Whitmore was quoted as saying by E!Online.