Pocatello High School haunted
A video footage of Pocatello High School hallway show paranormal activities.Wikimiedia Commons/ Beantwo

Parents and teachers have come to terms with the notion that it may not just be the staff and students that tread the hallways of Pocatello High School, but some supernatural beings as well.

A realistic video footage of the Poky High hallways taken over Christmas break shows not just inexplicable flickering of lights, but also a strange figure, as tall as an average adult, walking down the hallway. While most rational individuals would attribute the ghostly figure and the flickering of lights as technical malfunctioning, paranormal investigators have called the incident "incredible".

The Scientific Paranormal Investigative Research Organization, who investigated the incident, captioned the video "WOW this footage is incredible from security footage in Pocatello High School" on their Facebook page

John and Lisa Brian, the co-founders of SPIRO, confirmed that the video has not been tampered with, and that being a surveillance footage, it can be assured that it was not edited. The secure design and regulations protect the authenticity of the spooky video, they claim. 

"We have watched it multiple times and even slowed it down and really analyzed it. It's a really great piece of footage," Lisa was quoted by Inquisitr. "You can just see the lights going on and off, the police were called because of these issues going on in the building — all of that just goes to show that it wasn't something someone just put on there, but instead it was something that really happened."

SPIRO also revealed that many of their equipments went missing during the course of their investigation and was later found by the school janitor on a window sill in a stairwell. Average humans cannot reach that high without a ladder, they say. 

"The Chieftain", the student newspaper for Pocatello High School had interviewed a few students on their brush with the paranormal, while at the school, and all of them had interesting stories to share. Keith Lambson confirms that their school is "definitely haunted" and while his friends Kyle Mittlestedt--Casper and Kelsi Ross agree with him, they haven't been natively impacted by it. "Poky's great!" reiterates Ross. 

"Pocatello High School has an incredible history, and so this really opens that door to be able to talk about Pocatello High School and talk about its history and the history of our town," Lisa said. 

Watch the surveilance footage of the Pocatello High School during Christmas break: