Developer Namco Bandai and The Pokemon Company International have revealed that their arcade fighting game, Pokken Tournament, will be getting a new character, Dark Mewtwo aka Shadow Mewtwo.

Pokken Tournament is a mashup between Pokemon and Tekken that was released on 16 July, for Wii U and arcade. Currently it has been released only on arcades. The Wii U release has been planned for early 2016.

Following predictions, for what was suggested to be Mega Mewtwo Z, a new trailer revealed it as the fan favourite in new form, Dark Mewtwo or the Shadow Mewtwo. The two are the same, reports have confirmed.

The new trailer runs for around two minutes and shows gameplay relating to characters like Lucario, Blaziken, Machamp and Suicune. And it is only at the end that we get to see Shadow Mewtwo as he prepares for an attack and a slide pops up saying, "Shadow Mewtwo Appears."

Meanwhile, Serebii has revealed new themes for Nintendo 3DS platform – new Pokemon themes like Mega Mewtwo and BREAK Evolution. These themes have already been released in Japan; now Europe will be getting it on 6 November.

Meanwhile, there is a major update for The Pokemon Trading Card Game Online for PC and iOS app versions. The update adds new mechanics, improvements in UI and graphics, and some new features that will improve the gameplay.