Pokemon X and Y
Pokemon X and Y to get Vivillon flying-type Pokemon.pokemon.com

The Pokemon Company has announced that Pokemon X and Y will be getting a new flying-type Pokemon, Vivillon. This Pokemon will be unlocked when players trading via the Global Trade System top 100 million. Presently the trading via Global Trade System is at 90 million.

The Vivillon is a flying-type Pokemon that will display more than 15 different patterns on its wings. It will be made available to all the players, across all regions and is known as 'Fancy Pattern,' reported Polygon.

"To celebrate the 100 million Pokémon traded via the GTS, the Fancy Pattern Vivillon will soon be available!... Once we reach 100 million, you'll be able to receive Fancy Pattern Vivillon via a special distribution event. So we're calling on everyone to keep trading so we hit that huge milestone!" readS the announcement from Pokemon Company.

After reaching the 100 million milestone, Pokemon Company has asked players to check at pokemon.com and look up on how to get Fancy Pattern Vivillon into the Pokemon X and Y video game.

Star Citizen Crowdfunding Reaches $44M

Star Citizen, a creation of Chris Roberts has reached funding milestone with $44 million.

"Getting to dogfight in deep space is going to make Star Citizen real for a lot of people. But I also know that everyone who has supported us to this point already understands. Thank you for getting us here!" Roberts said in a letter.

In order to mark the occasion, Roberts revealed a new concept art titled 'negotiation room' in the Banu Merchantman freighter, a place where traders buy and sell goods.

People who have contributed to this funding will additionally get 'Stellar Cartography' that will be added to hangars after the launch of modular room systems. This room will also feature a 3D holographic representation of game's universe.