Pokemon X and Y
Pokemon X and Y was released on 12 October, 2013.(pokemonxy)

Developer Game Freak's popular Nintendo 3DS video game Pokemon X and Y has got brand new online competitions.

The developer announced that the new online competitions will be introduced in June and will be running until Autumn. Though currently only seven such competitions have been announced, the number might increase in future.

It must also be noted that these competitions will have special rules and regulations; so players have to read the regulation page carefully, it warned.

Here are the upcoming online competition events:

  • June 6-8: Think Fast Competition: Single Battle - This will be the shortest and the fastest competition to battle players from other countries.
  • Late June: International Challenge June - Here, players will be running for preliminaries for Pokemon World Championships that will determine who will participate from a country in Worlds! Master Trainers.
  • July: Eevee Friendly Match (tentative title) - Limited to Eevee and its evolutions.
  • July: All Star Battle (tentative title) - No bars on what Pokemon to be used in the game. Pokemon bought from the past game can be used but Diancie cannot be.
  • August: Think Fast Competition: Double Battle - Players will get to see the team your rival comes up with, and players can use only one backup Pokemon. Every player will be able to use only three Pokemon.
  • Autumn: Fairy Type Cup (tentative title) - Only Fairy related Pokemon are allowed here.
  • Autumn: Halloween Party (tentative title) - It will have special Single Battle competition for Ghost-type Pokemon only. Every player who wants to be a part of the competition must have Gourgeist in their Battle Box.

The post also has all rules and regulations involved with the online competition.

Hoopa Unreleased Event Revealed

It has also been revealed that there was an event that was planned but later cancelled, where players having a Hoopa among the Pokemons would be part of the event. The event would be triggered when Hoopa meets a particular NPC.

It is known that Hoopa uses its rings in the movement of objects and, once it is fully developed, these rings can expand its reach to a larger degree and can move island too, reported Gameranx.

The hideout of Hoopa is one that consists of a large amount of treasure that was taken from various places. The hideout is in midst of an oasis in a desert.

This event might be a reminder for players that though Hoop is a source of power, it can also lead to misfortune, provided the trainer makes it a partner of trust.