Pokemon X and Y
Pokemon X and Y was released on 12 October, 2013Facebook

Pokemon X, Game Freak's role-playing video game, follows the story of a young Pokemon trainer and his friends on their quest through Kalos, a region based on France.

The game was released worldwide on 12 October for Nintendo 3DS with positive reviews.

IGN has suggested a few techniques where players can boost their experience points (XP). Players face the difficulty in gaining more XP after a point in the game and the techniques below will help them to level up faster in the game.

  • Traded Pokemon must be trained - Players must train the Pokemon that has been traded from other Trainer ID as they will be eligible for more XP, when compared to the XP they will get if they catch one in the game.
  • Pokemon's affection must be expanded in Pokemon-Amie - Players must increase the affection of Pokemon in Pokemon-Amie where they have to play games, pet, feed it till they feel satisfied.
  • Dole-out a Lucky Egg to the Pokemon - Players must give their Pokemon a Lucky Egg that will increase the XP after the battle.
  • Use O-Power Exp. Point Power - Players have to use this O-Powers, which are special powers and lasts only for three minutes. This will boost XP after the battle.

Players must try to find high level battles around Kalos like the ones below:

  • Battle Chateau - This building is located on Route 7 and players have to battle a number of trainers everyday so that they increase their rank and make it a point to find some tougher trainers. There is a possibility that the players might also run into some Gym Leaders after they gain Marquis (male) or Machioness (female) rank.
  • Restaurant Le Wow - This restaurant is in Lumiose City and players will not be able to enter this it until they become champions in Pokemon League. They have to select one of the two options - Triple Battle or a Rotation Battle.
  • Players must keep on challenging Pokemon League, whenever possible.