Pokemon X and Y
New follow-up game in development?pokemonxy

Rumors about a follow-up game for Nintendo's Pokemon X and Y have begun to surface. It was suggested that the next Pokemon game is likely to be titled Pokemon Plus and Pokemon Minus, Dual Pixels reported.

Below are some of the other rumors in the report:

  • Rumors have churned out regarding developer Game Freak who reportedly received Alpha-Prototype hardware and has now upgraded it into a Beta-Prototype hardware.
  • Also, a lot of concept art is moving between Pokemon Company and Nintendo.
  • Also there have been rumors of an overhauled basic system of battle that is simpler than the one in existence.
  • Rumors also suggest the introduction of a new Pokemon Band that will allow players, who do not want to battle, to make Pokemon's dance and make music together as a co-op feature.
  • Pokemons from Hoenn and Sinnoh could return.
  • New Pokemon Types like Shinies that can significantly change the game might be introduced.
  • Players worldwide will be able to chat, trade, mingle and are rumored to experience updated storylines on the mainland.
  • The theme of the game could be Old Tradition vs New Exploration.
  • The main legendary Pokemon for Pokemon Plus could be Shi Foo Lion with multiple faces, that is a Psychic/Ground-type. Meanwhile, the one for Pokemon Minus is a Ghost/Fairy type with many arms and hands.
  • The game could be based South East Asia with one large peninsula and many smaller islands.

Previously the source that is fanning this rumor had leaked out Castlevania: Mirrors of Fate and Kingdom Hearts HD Remix, which were found to be real later.

Snoop Lion Pays Homage to Pokemon

Rapper Snoop Lion aka Snoop Dogg has released a music video that pays homage to Pokemon and also to other side-scrolling shooter games, GameSpot reported.

The video was for his new record Reincarnated and the track was "Get Away ft. Angela Hunte". It showcases a Pokebattle between the Snoop Dogg and Major Lazer. After the battle, both of them team up to play in the side-scrolling shooter killing enemies.

Maintenance Affects Online Play

Nintendo Network will be on maintenance and hence will affect online play of Pokemon X and Y in North America, reported Network Status page. The maintenance will be running from 7-9 pm ET, 6 January.