Pokemon X and Y
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After a hacker named 'smealum' was able to leak out three legendaries of the famous Ninstendo game, Pokemon X and Y, more details on three legendaries have now been reported.

The three legendaries that were leaked by the hacker include: Diancie, Hoopa and Volcanion. Though it has not been officially announced by Nintendo and Game Freak, the official Facebook fan page of Pokemon X and Y posted the images that depict its abilities.

Below are the details that have emerged further leaks on the three legendaries:

  • Hoopa - This possesses the Impractical ability that will lead its enemies to miss their turns. This can be only broken by using Mold Breaker, Teravolt and Turboblaze. This Pokemon also has three Psychic moves - Trick Room, Hyperspace Hole and Ghost Move.
  • Volacanion - It possesses the Steamed-Up ability. This power raises the Same-type attack bonus (STAB) moves by 40 percent. This Pokemon is known to possess fire moves - Flare Blitz and Overheat; and normal move - Explosion and water move - Steam Eruption.
  • Diancie - It possesses the Shining Jewel ability. This grants some special moves. This power will only last until the weather effects do not change. Its moves include Moonblast, Diamond Storm, Light Screen and Safeguard.

Many Reddit users reacted to the leaked news and have posted it on Pokemon Reddit. "We know Volcanion is inside one of the power plant doors (according to Smealum), but we probably need an item for it. Probably wifi distribution for at least one of them, maybe Nintendo Zone too," said UberNarwhalGuy.

"Steam Eruption looks so OP! More powerful version of Scald and still great accuracy!" said limpkins, while another enthusiast said: "I believe it was confirmed at 30% by Serebii when the details regarding these pokemon and their signature moves were leaked".