Pokemon X and Y
Legendary Pokemon Celebi free with Pokemon Bank. (pokemonbank.com)

Nintendo's announcement of the introduction of Pokemon Bank app comes with a surprise offering of the time travelling legendary Pokemon, Celebi.

This rare Pokemon giveaway was announced as a part of Nintendo Direct. Players will be able to download the Pokemon Bank app that will also introduce Poke Teleporter into the game. The release of the app is slated for 27 December.

Celebi has been an event-only Pokemon, and it was last distributed in 2011. Celebi is free for players who use Pokemon Bank before 30 September, 2014. Celebi  that are given will be at level 10 and will be Recover, Heal Bell, Hold Back and Safeguard. The Hold Back move cannot be learned during normal gameplay and it will have the Ability Natural Cure, the Escapist reported.

"Only one special Pokémon is available per copy of Pokémon Bank. Even if you store Pokémon from multiple games, you can get only one Celebi!" a post on the game's official website said.

Pokemon Bank will allow players to store about 3000 Pokemon in a cloud space that will be private. It will also require Internet connection for its use. Players will also receive Poke Miles for depositing Pokemon into Pokemon Bank. Poke Transporter will allow players to bring back older Pokemons from previous games into Pokemon X and Y.

The Pokemon Bank app will cost $4.99 a year. However, for players who download it before 31 January 2014, they can make use of the 30-day free trial service.

Future promotion might also see Kyurem, Lugia, Dialga, Palkia, Diancie, Hoopa, and Volcanion.