Pokemon X and Y
Pokemon X and Y was released on 12 October, 2013.(pokemonxy)

Hackers have discovered new secret attacks on Nintendo and The Pokemon Company's hugely popular video game Pokemon X and Y.

These attacks were unearthed by hackers who were digging into the game files where they were discovered. Hackers had previously discovered Diancie, Volcanion, Hoopa, Mega Latios and Mega Latias.

Here are the new secret moves which were discovered (Motoring Crunch):

1. Thousand Waves - features ground attack type with 10 PP, base 90 power and 100 accuracy. The waves will be emerging from the ground and any Pokemon that gets hit will be unable to flee from the battlefield.

2. Thousand Arrows - it is also a ground attack type that can hit any flying Pokemon. This will also be able to unleash the one-hit KO move.

3. Hold Hands - this is not a damaging type of attack. However, players will be able to hold hands with others. But holding hands makes the Pokemon happy.

Nintendo has not confirmed these moves yet but Volcanion is the only one that is on the Poke-block, while the others are yet make an appearance.

Mystery of Zygarde Z

Rumor mills are churning again with the suggestion that the legendary Zygarde will make an appearance in the next game, reportedly named Pokemon Z, after the current Pokemon X and Y.

There have also been assumptions that two of the leaked moves (Thousand Waves and Thousand Arrows) might belong to Zygarde, reported Product Reviews.

2014 April Friendly Registration Now Open

Players who would want to test their battle skills in online competitions that will feature players from around the world, now have the chance. This April, Friendly will be featuring single battles, and Pokemon that are in the Kalos Pokedex will be qualified. For the duration of the battle, all the Pokemon that enter will be automatically set to level 50.

Registration will be open till 24 April, said the official Pokemon page.

Players will need the following requirements for battling:

  • Pokemon Trainer Club account
  • Your copy of the Pokemon X or Pokemon Y video game
  • Regulations mentioned in Pokemon Global Link must be read and accepted.

Nintendo announced that Pokemon X and Pokemon Y have collectively sold over 12 million copies on 3DS, becoming the fastest selling title on Nintendo's handheld.

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