'To Be The Very Best' Pokemon World Championship documentary
'To Be The Very Best' Pokemon World Championship documentaryKickstarter

If a dedicated game wasn't enough to quench your inner Pokemon thirst, you will be happy to know that two-time US national Pokemon champion Wolfe Glick is currently working on a Pokemon documentary, which will be about the world's best competitive players in the popular Nintendo handheld series.

There's now a Kickstarter project called 'To Be The Very Best' that's being headed by Glick, supported by Emmy Award-winning director Dan Karlok for the feature-length documentary, and Jiro Dreams of Sushi producer Matt Weaver is also helping on the film.

Glick is currently looking for $50,000 to make the movie. The project has already raised over $6,500 so far.

"We will begin by taking an inside look at players from all corners of the globe and showing that they are more complex than the label of 'gamer' would suggest –– that behind their screen names are real people who began their journeys by spending hours walking on virtual grass like any other kid growing up," Glick said.

"Then comes the really exciting part, as our stars will clash at the most important event on the Pokemon calendar: the Pokemon Video Game World Championships."

Apart from that, the documentary will also witness inputs from three-time Pokemon World Champion Ray Rizzo and two-time national champion Aaron Zheng.

Glick adds that the roots behind the new documentary stretches back "to when I gave up on the ridiculous task of capturing every Pokemon and started wondering what else the game had to offer. The answer was quite a lot."

"What captured my attention in particular was the official Pokemon Video Game Championship Series, where players from all walks of life come together to compete against fellow fans for a chance to win big prizes."

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