Pokemon Sun and Moon
Pokemon Sun and Moon was available on 18 November for Nintendo 3DS.Facebook/Pokemon

Pokemon Sun and Moon, the popular role-playing video game from developer Game Freak, has Nintendo 3DS gamers hooked.

According to iDigitalTimes, there is a possible exploit in the Masuda Method. It makes it easier to breed Shiny Pokemon. The method has been called Swap Breeding and in this method, trainers can breed a Shiny Pokemon and if they want a different Shiny Pokemon, all they have to do is reset and swap Pokemon, with the requisite amount of eggs that is needed to hatch.

The game has a particular oddity that sets the number of eggs needed to hatch a Shiny Pokemon at any given time.

Guide to the Swap Breeding method

Players will need the following:

  • A Ditto from a foreign country
  • an Everstone
  • Destiny Knot
  • Magikarp

The Method

Players need to put their foreign Ditto and a Magikarp in the Nursery. Now, equip the Destiny Knot to your Ditto in order to get the desired IVs for your Shiny Pokemon. Note that IVs aren't that important due to Hyper Training, which make getting IVs an easier process. Equip the Everstone to the Pokemon that players wish to breed a Shiny.

  1. First, Save the game.
  2. Place the foreign Ditto and Magikarp in the Nursery, until players have collected 30 eggs.
  3. Now remove one parent from the Nursery.
  4. Hatch the 30 eggs.
  5. If none of the eggs contain the Shiny that player are looking for then repeat steps 1-4. If it does contain a Shiny, move on to step 6.
  6. Mark the egg that contains the Shiny.
  7. Reset the game without saving.
  8. Now swap Magikarp with the desired Pokemon that you want to get the Shiny for.
  9. Breed until there is the same number of eggs as the first run and players will have their Shiny Pokemon.

Here is what a player should not do when trying out this method:

  • Players should not unequip the Destiny Knot from Ditto. This will reset the chain.
  • Players must not swap Magikarp for a Pokemon that is Genderless or has a fixed-gender (like Rufflet, Miltank, Tauros).

Global Link Gift

Players participating and qualifying in the recent Battle of Alola Battle Competition, can now collect their entry gift. The 50BP gift can be collected in the links that will show up in Global Link accounts. It has to be redeemed before January 30, 2017.

Alolan Vulpix Gift for Japan region

In celebration of the opening up of a Pokemon Centre in Sapporo, Japan, an Alolan Vulpix distribution event was held in the centre. But now the event is open at all the other Pokemon Centres and Pokemon Stores in Japan region from February 1, 2017 to March 12, 2017. Players who have already received the Vulpix in Sappora will not be able to get Vulpix again.