Pokemon Sun and Moon
Pokemon Sun and Moon released on 18 November for Nintendo 3DS.Facebook/Pokemon

Pokemon Sun and Moon, the role-playing video game from developer Game Freak, was released on November 18 for Nintendo 3DS. However, there are reports doing the rounds that a new version of the game will be launched for Nintendo Switch.

Eurogamer reported that multiple sources have told the gaming website that the game is already in development and was expected to be launched in 2017. It revealed that the current codename for the game was Pokemon Stars.

The report states earlier trend among Pokemon games where a third title was launched later with expanded features. Switch would be the first Nintendo "home" console that would get the main Pokemon game.

It suggested that Pokemon Stars is likely to include features that were not found in the 3DS versions. The Switch version could feature more creatures. There is also the likelihood of Pokemon being tradable between Sun and Moon and Pokemon Stars.

Nintendo Switch allows its users to battle on the go, though it is a home console. This sits well with Game Freak's preference to keep main Pokemon series on Nintendo handhelds.

When the demo version of Pokemon Sun and Moon released on October 18, it had hit a record 3.5 million downloads in its first week.