Pokemon Sun and Moon
Pokemon Sun and Moon will be available on 18 November for Nintendo 3DS.Facebook/Pokemon

Pokemon Sun and Moon, the role-playing video game from Game Freak has a new trailer showcasing Mimikyu imitating Pikachu. The game is currently available only as a demo version.

Serebii noted that the video was released to support the special Mimikyu promotion in Japan.

The trailer shows Mimikyu singing, but is in Japanese. The video shows Mimikyu being found in PokeFinder and ability to use new Z Move. It is not known what power the Z Move has.

YouTuber Tobias has subtitled the Mimikyu in English.

Meanwhile, Serebii revealed a new Alola Form, a Alolan Persian. This is an evolution of the Alolan Meowth.

Pokemon Sun and Moon demo has revealed several new features like Totem Pokemon being larger than other Pokemon of the same species and they have a special glow. They can also summon an ally for fight.

New Pokemon

Here are the five new Pokemon that players can battle in the wild:

  • Yungoos - Normal type that looks like a mongoose
  • Pikipek - Normal-Flying type that looks like a woodpecker
  • Rockruff - Rock type that looks like a dog
  • Jangmo-o Dragon type that looks like a dinosaur
  • Hakamo-o Dragon-Fighting type that is the first evolution of Jangmo-o

Free things in demo version

Further, the demo version of the game also features five free things which will be later transferred to the full game:

  • Ash's Geninja - Complete the demo
  • Stardust x3 - From the man at the end of Mahalo Trail
  • Star Piece - From a female Ace Trainer at Ten Carat Hill after defeating her
  • Nugget - A reward for catching three or more Pokemon in the challenge at Ten Carat Hill
  • Pretty Wing - From the man in front of the Hau'oli City Pokemon centre on the day after the game was first saved.

Pokemon Sun and Moon will be officially available on November 18 for Nintendo 3DS.