Pokemon Sun and Moon: New methods to easily increase happiness of Pichu discovered; check out now
Pokemon Sun and Moon: New methods to easily increase happiness of Pichu discoveredFacebook/Pokemon

Pokemon Sun and Moon which has managed to grab the fancies of Pokemon loyalists across the world involves the all important in-game mechanism in which players need to keep their Pokemons happy and energetic. This is achieved by increasing the happiness quotient of Pokemons such as Pichu and Eevee in order to let them evolve into the advanced Pikachu and Umberon. Now, it seems that increasing happiness is as easy as gulping down water.

Pokemon Sun and Moon tipsters, via Reddit, have discovered extremely easy ways which can be used to increase happiness of basic Pokemons to let these evolve into advanced ones. Check out the steps, below:

  • Firstly, as detailed by ardent Pokemon Sun and Moon gamers, it is vital for players to find out two TMs that can easily be learnt by the basic Pokemons (Pichu et all)
  • After learning the TMs, resort to swapping one move of the Pokemon with one TM respectively
  • Then, replace the above move with the remaining TM
  • Repeatedly execute step 3 for approximately 10 minutes
  • Finally, resort to levelling-up this Pokemon

The above method is reportedly working and other gamers have apparently stated that they were able to evolve their Pokemons by increasing their happiness levels. Therefore you are advised to try out this method and let us know if you think that this method is indeed an easy workaround.

[Source: Reddit].