Pokemon Sun and Moon
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The release date of a new Pokemon game, "Pokemon Sun and Moon," has been revealed; it has been confirmed for Nov. 18. A new gameplay trailer of the game was also released. It revealed some new Pokemon with both starters and legends being part of it.

The game is part of the twentieth anniversary celebration of Pokemon franchise. The first details of the game included the region where the game is taking place, and that is the Alola region.

The trailer also shows us three new starters: Rowlet, Litten and Popplio. Rowlet is a Grass and Flying type Pokemon who has the ability Overgrow. Litten is a Fire type Pokemon with the ability Blaze. Popplio is a Water type Pokemon that comes with the ability Torrent.

The trailer shows other types of Pokemon but we do not know their names yet. The trailer shows us Alola's environment.

Serebii also pointed out that the character who gives the Pokemon to player is Hala. It also reported the possibility of the game bringing back full trainer customisation.

The game will be released in Europe on Nov. 23. It will release only on Nintendo 3DS.