Pokemon Sun and Moon
Full version of Pokemon Sun and Moon is available on Nintendo 3DS.Facebook/Pokemon

Pokemon Sun and Moon, the role-playing video game from developer Game Freak, was released on November 18 for Nintendo 3DS. But before that, a demo version of it was released that gave its users access to a special Pokemon, Greninja.

In the demo version, after Greninja has defeated one Pokemon, it would transform into Ash-Greninja, thanks to its ability Battle Bond. When it transforms to Ash-Greninja, the Pokemon gets a stat boost.

Online gaming website, iDigitalTimes has shared a guide on transferring Ash-Greninja to the full game.

But for this to happen, the user needs first to have the demo downloaded on to the 3DS.

Step 1: Load the Pokemon Sun and Moon demo

Step 2: Head to Pokemon Centre. Here speak to Professor Kukui, who will ask you what you like to do? User has to choose the option: bring to full version.

Step 3: Kukui will also be asking what you like to bring over from the demo version. Players can select Ash-Greninja or any such items they want to have it transferred to the full version of the game.

[NOTE: Kukui will warn of Greninja being unruly and not obeying you unless you have completed two grand trials in Sun and Moon]

Step 4: Quit out of the demo version of Pokemon Sun and Moon.

Step 5: Now, head to the nearest Pokemon Centre and speak to the person with the yellow and blue shirt near the help desk. He will ask if you want your Mystery Gift.

[NOTE: Keep a slot open for a new Pokemon]

Step 6: Once the player accepts the Mystery Gift, they will be gifted with Ash-Greninja.

Meanwhile, when Game Freak released the demo version of Pokemon Sun and Moon on 18 October, it had hit a record 3.5 million downloads in its first week.