Pokemon Shuffle, the freemium puzzle game that was initially released for Nintendo 3DS was recently released for the mobile platform also, called Pokemon Shuffle Mobile.

Pokemon Shuffle players are kept occupied with newer challenges or events coming to them every week. Serebii, the trusted Pokemon site, has shared some new events lined up for the gamers.

According to the site, Pokemon Shuffle has received a new update that is inclusive of several new stages, for both the mobile version and the 3DS version.

Mega Stone challenge: The challenge allows players to get Mega Stone for Mega Charizard Y. The event will end on 28, September, 2015 and will be available for both mobile and 3DS versions.

Players who are in the top 10,000 in Japan, 3,500 in America and 2,500 in Europe rankings will be getting Charizardite Y and Mega Speedup.

Players who are in the top 50,000 in Japan, 18,000 in America and 11,000 in Europe rankings will be receiving Charizardite Y.

Players who are in the top 70,000 in Japan, 25,000 in America and 16,000 in Europe will get two Attack Powers.

Other players will be getting a Jewel.

Registeel challenge: Players participating in the event will fetch them Registeel, a rare Legendary Pokemon. The event will be available only till 23 September.

Mew event: This is a returning event that will last until 2, October. Players completing it will receive a Jewel.

Rayquaza event: This event has been made available to Pokemon Shuffle Mobile. Players hoping to get Rayquaza will be able to have it. It will be available until 2, October, 2015.

Pokemon Pikachu dance themes for 3DS

Europe has received newest Pokemon 3DS themes. Owners of Nintendo 3DS will get Pikachu Dance theme. The new theme will be able to make noise and some movements. This has been based on the recent Pikachu Dance that took place in Pikachu Outbreakchu event in Japan's Yokohama.

3DS also gets another Pikachu theme that will have Pikachu image on the top and a scrolling imagery at the bottom. It features Pokemon X and Y Route 1music costing €3.99 / £3.59 until 31 October.

There is another theme that will feature Mewtwo and Mew, which is based on Pokemon 151 clothing line. This will be costing €1.99 / £1.79.