Pokemon Shuffle, the fermium puzzle game from developer Genius Sonority for Nintendo 3DS has a large number of challenges to keep the player occupied.

New Events in Pokemon Shuffle:

Event 1:

There are various events in Pokemon Shuffle, below are first such events.

Serebii, a trusted source on Pokemon Shuffle has revealed about a new challenge. it is a timed challenge that will have the top 12,000 players in Europe, 20,000 players in North America and 50,000 players in Japan eager to earn a Blazikenite for their Mega Blaziken.

It noted that players who are in the Top 16,000 in Europe, or 65,000 in Japan will get Complexity-1.

Players in the top 4,000 in Europe, 15,000 in Japan will be getting a Mega Speedup. However, players who are not ranking in the top amounts will be earning a Jewel.

The event will be running from 20 July to 27 July, 2015.

 Event 2:

Another new challenge will reportedly give players access to Pokemon Cresselia. The event is Escalation Battle, that will no doubt increase the level of difficulty. It will also increase the rewards and higher the level, easier it is to catch Cresselia.

Players will get –

  • At Level 5 = Moves +5
  • Level 10 = Disruption Delay
  • Level 30 = Mega Start
  • Level 50 = Mega Speedup

This event will be running from 20 July to 3 August, 2015.

Event 3:

A new challenge cited in the article will give players access to Pokemon Wobbuffet. This event will see items being added every Monday. Below is the list:

  • 20 July = Mega Start
  • 27 July = Disruption Delay
  • 3 August = Attack Power Up
  • 10 August = Complexity -1

This event will be running from 20 July to 15 August, 2015.

Event 4:

Pokemon Shuffle now has a new batch of Daily Pokemon stages. In this event, there will be a change on every weekday.

The Pokemon that are part of this are - Girafarig, Shuckle, Kecleon, Relicanth and Spiritomb.

This event will be running from 20 July to 1 August, 2015.

Pokemon fans will have a chance to have Pokemon Shuffle, aptly titled 'Pokémon Shuffle Mobile' on Android and iOS devices when the game releases during the later half of 2015.

"Hoopa and the Clash of Ages" Movie Unveils a New Pokemon

Though there have been no official confirmation yet, reports of a new Pokemon that is part of the "Hoopa and the Clash of Ages" movie has surfaced online.

The Pokemon was described as "bright green with one eye larger than the other. During the trailer for next years' movie, its eye looked through the O of the word Pokémon and then it blobbed about," and seems to have a "red stomach."

A fan who watched the movie shared a drawing of the new Pokemon, reported Serebii.

Speculations have suggested that this Pokemon could either be an evolution or a variation of an existing Pokemon.

This move was released in 2015 for Japanese audience. There are existing 720 known Pokemon in the Pokemon universe.

"Hoopa and the Clash of Ages" movie is reportedly set to be released for the English audience in July 2016.