New events announced for
New events announced for Facebook/Pokemon

"Pokemon Shuffle," the freemium Pokemon puzzle video game, has received new events for the Nintendo 3DS and mobile versions, Serebii reported. The addition of such events has been a normal practice in "Pokemon Shuffle."

Here are the new stages that were added to "Pokemon Shuffle:"

Electivire event: This event will last until May 31, 2016. It will allow players to grab Pokemon Electivire belonging to Electric type with Motor Drive as abilities and hidden ability being Vital Spirit.

Pokemon Safari: There is a new Pokemon Safari for the game on both the versions, which will be running until May 31. It will contain Pokemon Drowzee, Hypno, Frillish, Jellicent, Elgyem, Beheeyem and Mesprit.

Groudon stage: This stage is having a repeat run that will be running until May 31. Players who defeat Pokemon Groudon would be receiving a Skill Booster.

Wobbuffet stage: This is an items stage that has been having a repeat run and will last until May 31.

Daily Pokemon (#4): This stage is also having a repeat run, and will last until May 31.

Swampert competitive stage: Players who were ranked in the stage would be receiving Swampertite. Those players who do not get the Swampertite but are ranked higher will get Attack Power and Raise Max Level. Those players who do not qualify will get a Disruption Delay. The last date to redeem these is May 24.

New Mechanic: The new mechanic that was added to the game was Skill Gauge that fills by using different methods like Skill Powers.