New events announced for
New events announced for Facebook/Pokemon

"Pokemon Shuffle," the freemium Pokemon puzzle video game, has received new events for both, the Nintendo 3DS and mobile versions, Serebii reported. The addition of such events has been a normal practice in "Pokemon Shuffle."

Here are the new stages that were added to "Pokemon Shuffle:"

Bellossom â€” A new stage for this grass-type Pokemon with Chlorophyll abilities has been started. It will be available until May 17.

Mega Swampert â€” A special competitive stage for Mega Swampert has been started. Similar to the previous stages, this too will be a Fast Match stage, where players get a points boost by 50 percent if matched quickly in comparison to the last match.

Serebii has also detailed the ranking. Players ranked in the top 15,000 in Europe, 22,000 in North America, 60,000 in Japan or 80,000 on Mobile will get a Swampertite (or Mega Speedup if they already have a Swampertite). Additionally, those in the top 2,500 in Europe, 3,500 in North America, 10,000 in Japan or 15,000 on Mobile will receive a Raise Max Level.

Those who do not qualify for a Swampertite but are in the top 20,000 in Europe, 30,000 in North America, 80,000 in Japan or 120,000 on Mobile will get an Attack Power. Rest of the players will get Disruption Delay.

Thundurus stage â€” This stage is having a repeat run and will last until May 17. Players must remember that with each passing day, the capture rage of Pokemon Thundurus increases.