New events announced for
New events announced for Facebook/Pokemon

New events have been added to freemium puzzle video game, "Pokemon Shuffle," as is the normal practice for developer Genius Sonority. The new events were added to both the versions of "Pokemon Shuffle" game — Nintendo 3DS and mobile — Serebii reported. Here are the new stages that were added:

 Mega Sceptile Competitive Stage â€“ This is the first use of the Fast Match concept on Nintendo 3DS. This allows players to receive additional points if the players play a match soon after he/she finishes one match.

Players who are ranked in the top 20,000 in the U.S., 12,000 in Europe, 50,000 in Japan and 80,000 on mobile will receive Sceptilite. Players who are in the top 2,000 in the U.S., 1,200 in Europe, and 5,000 in Japan will get Raise Max Level. The players in the top 8,000 on mobile will receive Mega Speedup.

Those who are in the top 30,000 in the U.S., 18,000 in Europe, 70,000 in Japan and 120,000 on mobile will receive two Attack Powers. Rest of the participants will get Attack Power.

This stage is available until April 12.

Tornadus Incarnate Forme stage - A repeat run of this stage has begun on 3DS and mobile. The players must note that this is a stage that runs only once a day. It will be available until April 12.

Groudon stage â€“ The Groudon stage is having a repeat run and will be available until April 19.

Emboar stage â€“ Emboar stage is having a repeat run on 3DS and its first run on mobile. This stage will be available until April 19.