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New events announced for Official Pokemon Facebook page

"Pokemon Shuffle," the freemium Pokemon puzzle video game, has received several new events that offer to keep its players occupied for the rest of the week. These events were added to both the versions, Nintendo 3DS and mobile, Serebii reported. The addition of such events has been a normal practice in "Pokemon Shuffle."

Here are the new stages that were added to "Pokemon Shuffle:"

Ash-Greninja event: There is a special stage for this event, which will run only until May 3. This stage is a High Speed Challenge stage.

Mega Blaziken event: This is a repeat event which will run until April 26. The stage will fetch players Blazikenite. Those who already have Blazikenite will get Mega Speedup. But they will have to be within the top rank of 22,000 in the U.S., 15,000 in Europe or 60,000 in Japan. Players will get Raise Max Level it they rank in the top 3,500 in the U.S., 2,500 in Europe or 10,000 in Japan. Those who do not qualify but are ranked in the top 30,000 in the U.S., 20,000 in Europe and 80,000 in Japan will get 1 Attack Power. Rest of the players will get Disruption Delay.

Players must note that this is a Fast Match competition stage and will increase damage if players move within the four seconds of their last move.

Keldeo Ordinary Form: There is a repeat run of this stage until May 3.

Infernape stage: There is a repeat run of this stage until May 3.