New events announced for
New events announced for Official Pokemon Facebook page

"Pokemon Shuffle" mobile version received a new update 1.6 that brought several new features like Mission Card, Survival Mode, Friend System and many more.

The new update is said to have received all the updates that were available on Nintendo 3DS, like Survival Mode and Mission Cards. The new update also brings several UI enhancements to the mobile version.

The update allows players to find their Facebook friend and add them to the friend list via friend code. The players are also able to set Pokemon as their profile picture. Apart from these, the players will be able to add friends without using Facebook, but by using the friend code. Each player can have a maximum of 30 friends.

The players will also be able to select a zone that they want to go, right on the main screen using the map icon.

Reddit users have also noted that purchasing heart increases the maximum hearts and daily bonus. The bonus resets at the end of the month.

Now escalation battles show the rewards players can expect in the next round and at what level they need to be.

Following the battles, the reward section now displays the amount of XP that each Pokemon gained in the battle.

Nevertheless, the users are facing several issues as noted in Reddit forum:

  • Update error â€“ some player do not see an update button in the Google Play when they try to update.

Fix: One Reddit userhas shared a fix, calling the error a rare one for Google Play:

  1. Try open the Shuffle page from Google Play app, not from Shuffle
  2. Try to update the game using PC on Google Play.
  3. If 1 or 2 does not work, you might have to wait or use illegal APK (which is bad and not recommended)
  • Error message display â€“ Several players have reported that they received error messages while playing the game (especially on iOS devices) and when they log back, they were told that the "service has been suspended"
  • Losing data after update – Some players have lost all their data after they updated to 1.6.0

Meanwhile, developer Genius Sonority notes in the pop up message of the mobile game that the application has been experiencing some problems since the update and the developer is investigating the causes and resolving the issues, especially in features like Jewel Purchase Bonuses.

New Events

Meanwhile, "Pokemon Shuffle" has received new special promotion event that gives players special items (these events are available for both "Pokemon Shuffle" mobile and 3DS) (Serebii):

  • April 28: 1 Mega Start
  • April 29: 10 Hearts
  • April 30: 2 Exp. Points *1.5
  • May 1: 1 Moves +5
  • May 2: 3 Exp Booster S
  • May 3: 3000 Coins
  • May 4: 1 Raise Max Level
  • May 5: 1 Jewel
  • May 6: 1 Exp Booster M
  • May 7: 1 Attack Power
  • May 8: 1 Mega SpeedUp

Complete Forme Zygarde– This stage is available until May 10.

Azelf stage - This stage is available until May 10.

Daily Pokemon stage â€“ Players will have daily new Pokemon apart from Saturday and Sunday

  • Lunatone – Monday
  • Tyrogue – Tuesday
  • Castform – Wednesday
  • Mantyke – Thursday
  • Solrock – Friday

Latios Escalation Battle â€“ This is a repeat run of the stage but with new rewards. This stage is available until May 10.

Dusknoir stage â€“ This stage is having a repeat run, and will be available until May 10.

Mew stage â€“ This stage is having a repeat run, and will be available until May 17.

Pokemon Safari stage â€“ This stage will run until May 10 and will feature Duskull, Dusclops, Pumpkaboo, Gourgeist, Zubat, Golbat and Crobat.