New events have arrived for Pokemon Shuffle, the freemium puzzle game that is available on Nintendo 3DS and recently on cell phones too.

It's been customary for Pokemon Shuffle developer, Genius Sonority, to release new events that allow players to participate actively, thus fetching them some rare Pokemon that are normally not available in the game.

New Events

Pokemon Pinsir Event: This is a timed event that allows players to catch Pokemon Pinsir, a bug type Pokemon. This event can be played only once in a day. The event will be running from 29 September to 2 October. It has been made available for both Pokemon Shuffle and Pokemon Shuffle mobile.

Escalation Battle: This is one of the new challenges that will allow players to catch Pokemon Latias. This event is specific to Nintendo 3DS and will be running from 12 October. This event will reward players with an Exp. Points x1.5 at Level 5, Disruption Delay at Level 10, Mega Start at Level 25, 1,000 Coins at Level 35, Latiasite Mega Stone at Level 50, 1,000 Coins at Level 60 and a Mega Speedup at Level 70.

Keldeo Event: This is a returning event for 3DS but is coming for Pokemon Shuffle mobile for the first time. It will run from 5 October. This event will fetch fighting, water Pokemon Keldeo.

Mega Charizard Y competitive stage: Players who are in the 79,000 (11,000 in Europe/Australia, 18,000 in America or 50,000 in Japan) ranking of players worldwide in the Mega Charizard Y competitive stage will now be getting Pokemon Charizardite Y. Apart from this, the higher ranked players will be getting Attack Power and Mega Speedup. Those who participated but did not qualify will get a Jewel.

[Source: Serebii]