The announcements in yesterday's Nintendo's Nintendo Direct event have come as a surprise as Kyoto-based console and game maker released a long list of games for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U.

Amongst that includes a new free-to-start puzzle game, Pokemon Picross for Nintendo 3DS, which is the newest addition to Pokemon series of games. The game is expected to release sometime in early December, but Nintendo has not divulged details of its release date or the cost of the game.

Pokemon Picross will allow players to solve various puzzles in order to complete the pictures of a Pokemon. Following the successful completion of the puzzle, the Pokemon can be added to the player's collection.

Each tile will have a hint number on the Puzzle Board that can be used to identify the squares in completion of the portrait of Pokemon.

The Pokemon that are thus collected will help resolve the puzzles, with each Pokemon possessing different skills. E.g. Eevee's Rising Reveal skill reveals squares vertically, around an activation square.

Explaining the game further, the official post said that using the skill of a Pokemon once will deplete its power, and only with the passing time it will get it back to full power. It noted that there are 12 skills with different effects.

The game will offer players with more than 300 puzzles and it also consists of an advanced mode. It will also have a Daily Training mode, which will enable players to work on the skills.

During the gameplay, and once players complete a portrait, they will be rewarded with Picrites, rare stones with magical powers. These stones can be used to restore the skills of the Pokemon and they can also be purchased in-app using real money.

Pokemon Picross will be made available in Nintendo 3DS eShop in December 2015.