Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire
Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire released on 21 November, 2014.Facebook

Developer Game Freak's popular 2014 video game Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire (Pokemon ORAS) will be getting a free Dragon/Flying Legendary Pokemon Shiny Rayquaza.

The legendary Pokemon will be available for download for North American users. The distribution will end on 14 September, 2015.

Serebii has also reported that this offer will also be running at Smyths stores in the UK from 24 August to 20 September, 2015. The event will be called Serial Code event. Rayquaza distribution in Germany will be running from 31 August to 28 September, 2015. There is no clarity on the distribution system in place for other European distributors.

The legendary Rayquaza is known for being one of the most powerful Pokemon creatures and this is being distributed in celebration of Ancient Origins, Pokemon Trading Card Game's newest expansion.

In order to download the Pokemon, players will have to connect their Nintendo 3DS to the Internet and open either of the two Pokemon Omega Ruby or Pokemon Alpha Sapphire and head to the game's Mystery Gift option then opt for Receive Gift> Get Via Internet> Yes to download it.

Rayquaza will sport a black look and will also have the ability to Mega Evolve without the Mega Stone. It has Air Lock ability and Dragon Ascent attack.

Meanwhile, Japan region will get a new Battle Competition, titled CoroCoro Challenge, but for only kids, who are in elementary school. The entry is open from 27 August to 25 September, 2015, and the battles will start from 25 September to 28 September, 2015.

The top 32 from East and West Japan will be invited to a real life CoroCoro Challenge competition being held in November 2015.