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New events announced for Official Pokemon Facebook page

"Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire" ("Pokemon ORAS") users in Japan received two new themes for Nintendo 3DS. The new themes are said to have specific focus and are based on the Pokemon theme, Serebii reported.

The two new themes that were released cost ¥200. Among the two, the first theme is about "Pokemon: Red and Green," with artwork from it on the top screen and the bottom screen features the Kanto starters. This theme has music from "Pokemon Red and Blue: Rival Battle." The second theme is on Ash-Greninja. It has Ash-Greninja on the top screen, while the bottom screen features different kinds of artwork. This theme features the music of Furisode Girl that was featured in "Pokemon X and Y."

The report notes that these themes have not been confirmed for international release yet. These two themes will be available for users of "Pokemon X and Y."

Japan region also received another 3DS theme from the upcoming movie "Volcanion and The Ingenious Magearna." This will be distributed at 7-11's 7-Spots. Players will receive it if they vote in the Pokemon Elections and they will get it via a serial code, which can be redeemed when players are connected to 7-11 7-Spot. This will only be available until August 31.

Meanwhile, the report also noted that the popular Hoopa event will be ending for "Pokemon ORAS" users in Europe on April 30 and it's the last chance for them to pick the Mythical Pokemon.

Players will have to enter the serial code HOOPA2016 to get the Pokemon. It was also reiterated that this was a limited time event and those players who have already received the Hoopa Pokemon last year, will not be eligible for it this year.