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New events announced for Official Pokemon Facebook page

"Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire's" ("Pokemon ORAS") U.S. users have received confirmation of getting Legendary Birds in May. The Legendary Birds, named Articuno, Zapdos and Moltres, along with their respective Hidden Abilities Snow Cloak, Static and Flame Body are being distributed via Pokemon Trainer Club Newsletter, Serebii reported.

These are rare birds that are not normally available in the game. Players who are interested in getting them must sign up before April 22, and only then will they receive the newsletter.

The serial code for Spanish "Pokemon ORAS" players was confirmed. The serial codes will be distributed at GAME stores in Spain.

The birds have been confirmed for all of Europe, including France and Germany. Players here too will receive it in the newsletter.

This event is already available in the U.K., Ireland and some other countries. The Legendary Birds are also available for "Pokemon X and Y" players.

Meanwhile, the report also noted that a new serial code for Hoopa event in Europe has started. Players have to enter the serial code HOOPA2016 to get the Mythical Pokemon. It is available until April 30.

Hoopa event is available for both "Pokemon ORAS" and "Pokemon X and Y" video games.