Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire
Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire released on 21 November, 2014.Facebook

"Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire" ("Pokemon ORAS") from developer Game Freak is one of the most popular role-playing video games on Nintendo 3DS. The game regularly receives new events in order to keep players occupied and make the game more interesting. 

According to Serebii, "Pokemon ORAS" players in the U.K. and Ireland will receive the distribution of the Legendary Birds, namely, Articuno, Zapdos and Moltres, along with their respective Hidden Abilities Snow Cloak, Static and Flame Body at Smyths Toy Stores. Players must note that the distribution of the Legendary Birds has already begun. 

The codes will be available until April 11. Each code will grant players a random Legendary Bird. The report also mentioned that Nintendo Poland will be giving their codes on its official Facebook page.

The players of "Pokemon X and Y" will also be part of the Legendary Birds distribution system.

For "Pokemon ORAS" and "Pokemon X and Y" players, Celebi event will be ending March 24. The players will be able to access the Mythical Pokemon Celebi via Mystery Gift.

Meanwhile, "Pokemon Shuffle," the freemium puzzle video game from developer Genius Sonority for Nintendo 3DS, has received a patch version 1.3.

Serebii reported that this patch brings update to an array of things in the game and it requires 703 blocks of space in order to download.

The patch will come with a gift of 3,000 Coins and a Raise Max Level. The report mentions that the patch will bring the UI points to the same level as that of Mobile. It will list the number of Pokemon that the player has caught, adds silhouettes and images on Pokemon Safari stages, showing how many are caught.

The players will be able to hold down a Pokemon to see how much experience it needs for the next level.

SpotPass notifications are added to the game, which informs the players when something is new.

The patch adds ability for players to fast travel between each stage, showing a list of Pokemon and S Ranks that a player caught in each area. After a player has passed Stage 150, he/she will receive a new Survival Mode. The players can select four Pokemon as Support and face an opponent in stages till the player loses.

The patch will add new item called "Raise Max Level" and Exp. Booster M. "Pokemon Shuffle" players will see a new feature, lollipops that signifies enhancements for each Pokemon.

The game will also see the addition of Mission Cards, which will give players special missions. Each mission will have restrictions and special among out stars. These stars can be redeemed for items like Mega Starts or Mega Stone.