Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire
Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire was released on 21 November, 2014.Facebook

Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire or Pokemon ORAS has been a hit among the fans and the players. The game was released recently to Nintendo 3DS and went on to sell nearly three million units in Japan and the US.

Fans have created a new guide for Pokeblock that will help players. It provides us with the guide on how to make Pokeblock and how to win contests.

How to Make Pokeblock?

Pokeblocks are a special food variety for Pokemon. It is created using berries and these give great boost in preparing Pokemon for contests. It will boost their stat as a higher stat is always better in the game, reported Gameranx.

Players will have to head to Route 123 and go to the berry field to harvest them. Berries will help in the reduction of super effective hits, thus help in making better Pokeblocks.

Players can go around the Hoenn region and collect berets that are given to them and bring them and plan them. But it must be planted sooner since players will need them in bigger quantity in order to max out the Pokemon you have.

In order to make a Pokeblock, players will have to go to Bag > Key Items and now use you Pokeblock Kit, next select some Pokeblocks - choose between 2-4 berriesto in order to make 2-4 Pokeblock. Players must remember that different type of berries will result in different type of Pokeblock.

Players can use stronger berries in order to make strong Pokeblock, which will reflect in the improvement of the Pokemon contest stat, thus giving it enhanced abilities.

For a Rainbow Pokeblock, players will have to mix four different types of berries together to get this variety. It will lead to faster maxing out of the stats.

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How to Win Contests?

Below guide will help players who want to win all the contests in Pokemon ORAS. Berries and cosplays Pikachu will be needed for this process, reported Gameranx.

It's an easy process that will require players to invest some time. Players need to start this process by planting berries. It is always preferred if players can plant the super effective reduction berries. After planting see that you water them at regular intervals or as and when they need it, but also plant as many as possible.

Players will need 15 Rainbow Pokeblocks in order to max out a Pokemon, so players will have to do a lot of planting.

Now, after maxing out, players will need to enter a contest, and remember, winning or losing does not matter but enter a contest. This will allow players to unlock cosplays Pikachu.

Cosplay Pikachu is a star in your campaign and will also make players win a lot of ribbons easily. See that player feed this Pokemon with Rainbow Pokeblocks until they are maxed out on all the stats. Now head to Pokemon Fan Club and talk to the chairman.

The chairman in Pokemon Fan Club will give players all the scarves. Now use these to change the form of the Pikachu in the green room.

Now check and see the contest that matches up and enter it.

Now your Pikachu will be winning everything through Hyper, just by its appearance, and from here players will be able to come up with a stategy. It must be noted that the Master contests is a lot of work so check out what contest you want.

After winning the contests, players will have fans in the Hallway and they need to go and talk to them since they will give players something worthwhile like rare berries and items.

(YouTube Courtesy: Verlisify)